Product Detail
50g*24 ice pack

Dry non-woven ice pack

Material:PE+PA&Non-woven for bag,and filled with dry PCR crystals.
Weight:about 36/38.6/40g before absorb water,and 1200g/1440/1800 after absorb water.

Size for one sheet:43.5*29.1cm(with 24/12/9 pcs of cells).

Size for one cell:7.2*182.5px, 7.3*362.5px,14.5*242.49999999999997px(single cell)  

Packing:450 sheet or 650 sheet per carton box.

1.Reusable:Can made for one time use or reusable on you need.
2.Cold effectiveness longer:The gel inner can keep cold effectiveness longer time than block of ice.
3.More cheaper:We can heat seals strong the polyethylene with our technology,
the polyethylene is cheaper the other materials,which can withstand transport conditions also, and the quality can made on you need.
4.Carry advantage:This ice gel pack is a dry bag, each bag weigh only several to twenty grams only,to save shipping cost.
5.Sanitation, convenience:you can use this Ice gel pack just after fill water and freeze.This Ice gel pack not wet your product as block of ice.
6.Safe, non-toxin:The bag and gel are all safe and non-toxin.
7.Print:You can place your logo on this ice gel pack as your marketing tools.